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Here you will find poems that are reflective in nature



Moon Rhythm

Edging up ever so slow,

Upon our horizon ,

The first hint of a lunar show,

Bathing us all in a moonlit glow.


Every day she changes her face,

And as seasons turn,

her rising place.

The monthly cycle endlessly,

Told in the pictures portrayed in the night sky.

For centuries untold,

Men have pondered and squandered on that desolate plain.

Some of their dreams realised,

When to the moon, passage they gained.


Yet still shrouded in mystery she remains,

An effect on our lives that cant be denied.

Like the daily highs and lows of the tide,

All creatures on our planet ,

Whether aware or not of it,

Dance to the rhythm of the Moon. CJA



The many faces we wear,
Enable us to hide our fear,
Behave as though we don't care.
And take more than our fair share.

The simplicity of childhood,
Begs to be understood.
Have we lost our way?
As we grow older every day.
Too eager to join in the fray,
We forget more each day,
We can even lose the way.
And live our lives more in the grey.

The hues dulled,
The colours faded.
The mind muddled,
The soul jaded.

Exactly where is this soul headed?
And is there anyone who cared?

The many faces we wear,
Enable us to hide our fear,
Behave as though we don't care.
And take more than our fair share...

Then there are the souls who care,
The ones with no fear.
And they love to share.
Though few and far between,
They manage to help others come clean.
Their uniqueness they never demean,
Appear as though from a dream,
And nothing was ever as it seems.

My life has been thus gifted,
When life starts getting rough,
Things seem to become too much,
And the grey sets in...
I think of the time when,
By an angel I was lifted.
My soul which had been twisted,
Was allowed to be free once again.

So to those who hide behind the faces they wear,
Live not in fear,
Allow yourself to care,
And give more than your share. CJA


Elusive Freedom

Freedom is an elusive word,
It is a noun, one not enough heard.
Isn’t it something every human deserves,
Or does it bring on an attack of the nerves.

There are different types of freedom,
It may take time to sink in.
We get chained to our own little lives.
Become indifferent to the skies.
Live a life full of lies,
Unfulfilled then die.

Ours is not to reason why,
So take a running jump and fly.
You have to at least try,
That fact we can’t deny.

Create a freedom within,
Wait with joy for each day to begin.
See the world with new eyes,
And lift your mind to the skies,
Plant your feet in the earth.
Live every day, and ensure its worth. CJA

The Hawk

An arching sweep.
With a minimum of effort,
To stop and hang.
Its farseeing gaze,
Searching the horizons.
The merest movement,
Pinpointed and located.

Riding the thermals,
The Hawk soars,
Leader of his realm,
Master of his destiny.

Swooping downwards to investigate,
Talons poised,
Rapidly it decelerates.
Skimming over the trees,
Precision impressive indeed.

Sharply pulling up on the roadside.
Looking- ensuring no cars approaching either side,
Over to last night's roadkill he's drawn.
Easy pickings for breakfast this morn.
Dragged ever so slowly towards,
The safety of the ferns.
Oh no ! Time to move,
Car alert - 12 noon.

Wings flapping,
Aloft again.
Up higher, higher ...
Spiralling upwards,
Perfect alignment,
Poetry in its movement.
Skimming the clouds,
Finding the perfect breeze,
Adjusting the wingtips,
With inbred ease.

Riding the thermal wave,
This master of the air,
Nothing eludes its beady gaze,
Small rodents must beware,
As a nightmare from above,
Will come upon them,
If they don't take care ... CJA

Les Forum Des Halles

Meandering through les Forum Des Halles,
An eerie silence sifts through it like a pall.

Appearing silently out of the gloom,
A Khaki dressed soldier toting a machine gun,
Strolling along side ,
A large dog that wasn't with him for fun.

With my tourists eyes widened anew,
Alas this time not over some momentous view.
As all we were doing was escaping a rain shower,
By taking a shortcut that was undercover.

A wake up call,
To the dangers abroad.
A moment of haunted abrupt,
With serious overtones afoot.

Then it was outside to the fresh rain spattered air,
What we'd seen not quite clear.
Though later I'd learn,
We'd wandered into an alternate part of town.
A place well renowned,
For crack deals and such like.
Not known for its beauty and architecture,
More a meeting place for the drug dealers.

I have to say it even though,
It was intriguing to see,
I was very relieved to be,
Back in a more aesthetic part,
Of La Citie Paris. CJA




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