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Hi and Welcome to my Chat Corner this
will be modified finally as I'm able *g*

I first fell into Worlds Chat nearly 3 years ago,
Since that time I have met some incredible people...

A Lil bit further down here'ssome of my friends I have met along the way
and some links to their pages..

Well that was a while ago ...Time seems to have flown by since I last edited this page.

I no longer haunt the spaces of world chat , or am called KiwiRed,

but am found these days in another programme called Palace chatting as Rhiannon ...

heres a Link where you can download palace or use a web browser to come Say Hi to Myself and lots of Kiwi friends in a palace called ...


Featuring lots of New Zealand Scenery !

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A poem inspired by a WC Gathering

In August 1997 I has an incredible experience,
I spent a weekend with some of my Kiwi and Aussi 
chat buddies ...
Here's a poetic description of the events of that weekend =)

On a cold and rainy winter's night in Auckland,
We climbed the stairs dripping with rain, not perspiration.
At the top of the Bodrum cafe, we were sited,
To finally meet my chat buddies, I was excited.

Some faces known, others not.
Thank goodness for the name tags, in case we forgot.

Of course the Kiwi's outnumbered the Aussies.
It made them feel right at home.
As its that way at Koi pond usually...
Although 4 of them is harder to pick on than one alone.

It wasn't hard to pick out Tilly's spies,
They were the one's who were the most camera shy.
Sheesh, the amount of cameras there,
Catching people unawares.

Heaps of food and loads of chat,
Hmm lots of wine too, at that.
I'll never forget the moment,
Terry fell flat on his back.
Serves him right for picking on me, I said with a grin,
But the belly dancer felt sorry for him,
And encouraged me to fulfil his whim.
I had trouble keeping in time,
Gladly I handed over the scarf,
And sat back for another laugh.

Fun and frivolity ruled for the night,
Even with Hadlee behind a camera, neighing with delight.
And the singing telegram gave Aussi a bit of a fright.

With the frog suitably cowed in awe,
Kiwi and I ribbed him some more.
Its a wonder he didn't shake in his shoes,
When Aussi joined that Kiwi crew.

Hours later we stumbled out the door,
With plans to regroup and party some more.
Little did I know that plan had a bit of a flaw,
Cause once back at the motel,
We relaxed for a spell.
Then the wine kicked in,
And for Kiwired major lag set in...

With a groan I awoke a few hours later,
With a thirst for coffee,
That instant never quite sated.
But it was time to party some more,
Suppose I'm lucky I didn't have a worse hangover.
Kiwi Piper thrilled us all,
By twirling his pipes with such skill.

Then it got down to the serious chat,
Being a technomoron I had some trouble facing that.
So I be right backed,
Went out for a panadol fix,
And the rest of the day went without a hitch.

Not once did we miss our keyboards,
Yet our voices were hoarse from so many words.
Many Thanks to Kotuku and IDK,
For bringing us all together in this way.
To those 24 or so wonderful people in real life,
It was hard to say goodbye.
And yet we were content in the knowledge,
That sooner or later we'd meet up online.

8 of us jumped into Beecee's van,
With the Aussie's directing,
The way, we began,
Another episode of real life chatting.
Meeting up with Scorpio and Nufsaid,
And another couple of pleasant hours just fled.

And still there was more,
The promise of a light show like never before.
To celebrate the opening of our new Sky Tower.
However up a mountain, (that's another story *g*) out West.
The light show didn't appear its best.

Got a few more hours sleep that night,
Then it was off to the casino, to give it a tryout.
Feminine intuition ruled the day,
While Beecee and Terry fuelled the coffers,
Of the pokie machine's little cash boxes.

Tuesday came before I knew it,
I drove Kiwi and Terry off to the airport.
Said yet another farewell,
And its time now for the photo's to continue the tale.... cja