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Greetings all !!
You made it to my little haven of cyberspace!
Take a seat and relax .
From here you can explore my journey of poetic proportions.
On the following pages are many diverse topical themes, including my  
transformation from  KiwiRed to Rhiannon. 
  here and also below is a  Link for My  Celtic Spirit page
which also Links to Pages dedicated to Rhiannon.
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Now Lets get into some poetry !     CJA



The earth, a galaxy, infinite possibilities.

Seconds becoming minutes, hours filling days.
As time ticks on, becoming set in our ways.

Time speeds up as we get older months melting into years.
The skin dries and wrinkles get bolder, as each decade's end nears.

Like a plant withers, dries up, becomes old,
Such can be the eventual passage of a soul.
Others grow, go super nova, become one with the universe.
The latter I hope my path, more so that than the first.

Cycles of life endlessly turn.
The lives we lead and the lessons we learn.

We need to teach ourselves, our children too.
How to preserve our planet, keep our humanity true.

Get closer to the earth that to which, we will return.
Lead a life full of worth, and another cycle may turn.




As I sit and meditate,
Looking into the amethyst glow.
I ponder the  myriad of its depths,
And wonder in which time did it grow.
Its conception and subsequent journey,
To my mantelpiece however I'll never know.

Angles and edges,
Contours and wedges,
Multifaceted dimensions,
Beauty of nature's extensions.

Symmetrical yet imperfect,
Our land crystallized,
Earth spirit immortalized.

Outside exterior,
Rough and worn,
Hidden treasures,
Inside its form.

Emotional response is warm,
Rich purple in colour,
Calm in its demeanour.

Another example of Earth's splendour,
Deserving to be held in wonder,
To be thanked for its presence,
And bask in the glow it emits.      CJA




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