The Kiwi and the Kaka

A Kiwi has a kaka in her garden,
When it arrived I'm not exactly sure when.
And those it seems weird,
That mismatched pair,
Over the months,
Have become firm friends.

At first they each kept their distance,
The Kaka hurt in some unknown instance.
And though he can't talk,
Boy, can he squawk !
He lets her know he's upset,
By putting on such a show,
With the odd low flying blow.
One she wont quickly forget.
And will endeavour never to be late with his breakfast again.

Who would have thought,
That in a suburban street.
A kaka would find a welcome retreat.
Yet to Feilding he found his way,
Taken up residence in Kiwi's backyard.
Looks like he's settled in to stay,
Well maybe for a while anyway.

Taken to hanging off roof eaves,
Pretty much doing as he pleases.
Made himself at home in the surrounding trees.
Standing up to the dog with relative ease.

Kiwi has to remember to put her car in the garage,
Or be forever claiming insurance.
As Kaka showed Kiwi his finesse,
By dismantling the rubbers on her car no less.

Hmm you can't really call an endangered bird a pest,
However he is a taxing guest.
Putting Kiwi's patience to the test.

Yet this Kaka knows his limits,
Makes her laugh with his antics.
Fixes her with his beady gaze,
And coming closer with each passing day.

I wrote this poem for my friend Kiwi *s*
Its based on facts and tidbits she's told me about her unlikely friend.
Sadly for Kiwi though, he's moved on hopefully to find a mate of his own kind,
maybe one day he'll be back with little kaka's in tow *g*

In case you were wondering the Kaka is a native parrot to New Zealand.
One of our many endangered species of birds.
And they're not usually found in Feilding *s*.

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