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Greetings! ... Merry Meet and Welcome !!!!

I live in the beautiful South Pacific in New Zealand, there are 2 
main islands, of which I live in the Northern. 
The largest city, Auckland, with its fourty odd volcanoes 
has approximately 6 cities within its region . 
I  live in West Auckland aka Waitakere City.  
If u want to learn more about NZ ...check out some of my links below.

My name is Christina, 
 I have 2 sons
 Zachary 12, and  Jacob 4
Click here to see their page

I have been a Registered Nurse for 19 years and qualified as a 
Registered Naturopath several  years ago.

I started on the path of learning about alternative healing  10  years ago,
and have evolved into who I am today by working in both fields of 
nursing and naturopathy. I feel that there is room for all types of 
healing as we are all so individual that nothing can be healed by one
method alone.

Which leads to my poetry *s* I started writing again a couple of years ago and 
this has lead to an outpouring of emotion, and the pure joy of words
and the effects of writing them is something I dont think i'll ever 
be able to dampen down again.
To my friends who encouraged me to keep
writing I'll never be able to thankyou enough !!
My Creative nature has lead me into a different field of work  
and I'm learning new skills and how to act  in front of a camera. 
These days I get to play being a nurse " Nurse Tania"  during the week
on one of NZ's longest running dramas and
then work as a real nurse in the weekends. 
 It All adds up to an exciting busy lifestyle.
My Spiritual journey has become a large part of my life and this has led to my being named as
 Rhiannon or Rhiannon_celt 
The name attraction  started when I  was spending 6 weeks in Britain and Europe,
 Whilst there I soaked up the Celtic 
atmosphere and lore which is something I have a deep interest in.
Rhiannon is a name I've always felt an affinity for and with further research into the name
I decided that it was more appropriate than the nickname I was using, KiwiRed. 





This Celtic solar knot is very special to me, 
As a few years ago,
it became the pattern for my first  tattoo.
When  i was in England a couple of years later
 I  found out  this knot was also one of the designs for the, 
"Legends Of Rhiannon" jewellery pieces.
"The Shield of the Four directions" 
"Each of the interlaced arms represents a cardinal point of the compass:
East, South, West,and North , and their respective attributes of
  Life, Light, Love and Law and
Air , Fire, Water and Earth."
There are no such things as coincidences.



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