Rhiannon's Rebellious Spirit




The lot of a woman is not always easy.
Pubity brings us breasts, periods, 
And hair that is greasy.

From teens to your twenties,
That air of vulnerability.
Hopefully a time of fun, laughs,
And a time to party.

That is how I look back at it now.
And smile with remembrance,
When I feel low. 

Because, after I became a mother.
That time of irresponsibility,
Was over....
Suddenly I was thrust into a new life.
The onus of being a mother and a wife.

This little wee, hard to please,
gorgeous baby belonged to me.
How we managed to get through that first year,
Was with the support of those we hold dear.

He is five now about to start school,
He's starting to learn all about the rules...
Of  life.

As for me...
We've yet to see.
Where this path of mine,
Is going to lead.
I know though, that I'll never be alone.
And that I'll always need to make a home.
For me and my own.           CJA


I espied a chance glance at the moon at Solstice,
And the smile that appeared on my face burst forth...

Such a sight to behold,
Encouraged me to be bold.
I would have sold my soul
To be one with the moon.

Travel forth and be free...
The moon said to me.
I shrieked and cried with ecstasy.

Then a shadow of a cloud floated by,
It darkened my view of the sky.

Go slow, be sure
Get your foot in the door.

Be true to yourself,
Reach across and free thyself.

Filled with new purpose
Yet calm on the surface,
I went back inside.
After a roller coaster ride
To the Moon...         CJA

Sun Child

It is here sitting in the sun,
that I look back on who I've become.

A solar cross proudly tattooed on my arm.
Shows my heritage, and love of the sun.

The joys  of childhood,
that are close to my heart.
Are to do with summers days 
and fun in the park.

The turmoil of being a teen,
of loves old and lost,
the shear pain of what loving means.

I am supposed to be an adult now...
Responsibilities, expectations lay me low.

I'm a child of the Sun,
I yell to myself.
I'm proud of it, and who I've become.

I'm a child of the Dark too, 
a child of the Earth.
The balance is precarious, 
and life is so serious.

When the dark takes over
I run for cover.
When the light throws a spark
It's aimed at my heart.

I'm sure that in lifetimes gone by,
that a Sun worshipper was I,
whether Incan or Egyptian,
I know not yet in this reincarnation.  CJA

This one i wrote for my good friend Evilla ...


The sun has set,
Darkness has taken over.
Good souls are bereft,
And quiver beneath their cover.

There is a bloodlust in the air,
Also a smell of fear,
Let the innocent beware.

Cause there's a shadow in the night.
Enough to make even the bold take fright.

Glistening long teeth, dripping with gore,
A never ceasing hunger, always driven back for more...

A changer of shapes, 
It flits through the night.
Just one glimpse is enough
To give you a fright.

A creature of mystery,
Legends, tales and history.
An immortal being,
that few people survive seeing.

It draws you into its dark embrace.
Do you have the courage to look into it's face ?

Oh, feel the exquisite pain,
As your skin is pierced by its bloody fangs.
Drawing the sustenance out of you.
Ensuring its survival,
And a new path you may rue.

The light will become anathema,
The darkness becomes your new lover.
Hasten now as the sun is rising,
However no bells will toll for your passing.  CJA


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