The Mystical Unicorn


Ever since I was a small child I have had a fascination
with the mystical unicorn, being a fire horse in Chinese
Astrological years I'm sure has had an influence *s* (for more on Fire horses see my Astrology Links page.)
Over the last year I've been amazed how many people are intrigued by Unicorns. I think we can keep them alive n Kicking by believing in them!

So Welcome and enjoy some of the pictures of the noble beast
and of course a poem.


A silver shadow flits through the night,
Just a glimpse of it will make you question your sight,
For it is a creature of mythical delight.

Lost from the World for centuries,
The Unicorn who once stood so proudly.
With its horn proudly piercing the air,
It was then a creature to fear ...

Alas as with so many creatures of old.
It has been forever lost to this world.
Yet the magic it created still remains,
I feel the magic of the beast run in my veins.
Run through the forest in my dreams.
Nothing is ever as it seems.

Cause there are different realities,
That only the tuned in can see,
A place where the enlightened can be free.

Where faeries, elves and spirits play,
And the Unicorn can freely graze.
Weave its magic way,
Appear from out of the gloom,
Be free once more to roam ... CJA

Fabulous beast of untamed wildness.
An embodiment of noble pride, purity of spirit and mysterious powers.
Strangers to mankind, unicorns dwelt far away from humanity.
Seeking out mountains, forests, places where magic might still be found.
The unicorn would miraculously appear to the purest of heart.
In whose presence it would become truly gentle.
Only then would it share its magic with these who believed in its glorious power.

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Updated 22nd May 2002

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