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She dty vea !
Greetings all !
Welcome to my 
Celtic Links Page.

Bannaght! I'm in the process of updating

so please be patient as there's a few outdated links.

Here's some of the most magical places on earth.

Come Back to Avalon, Stonehenge and Tintagel with me.

Rhiannon's Celtic photo Gallery


Arthurian Links


Camelot and Arthurian Legend: Don't let it be forgot,

That once there was a spot, For one brief, shining moment

that was known as Camelot

DRUIDESS GAELANS WEBPAGE: Lots of Athurian Resources



Here's something different, not many of you may know

I hail from New Zealand

and recently they have discovered lots

of old stone circles and some huge outdoor observatories,

and a mysterious ancient city hidden in a forest.

these date way back before any other civilizations

were present in New Zealand.

Intrigued? Check out


Ancient Celtic NZ


Another one that has inntrigued me recently is a

website about a working Celtic Cross.

It may have been used as a navigational and measuring tool

Check out Crichton Millers

incredible theories and workings


Crichtons Cross



Myths and Legends: Dictionary of all sorts

of Myths and Legends


Earth Mysteries: An introduction


Who were the Celts?


Celtic and Heraldic Center: Dedicated to the preservation

of Celtic Culture


Welcome to Glastonbury: A look at the Haven of Avalon


Irish Ancestors: Geneological guide for those

interested in exploring their Irish heritage.


Ancestry.com: Search over 1 billion names


Gaelic Dictionaries online: search online several

Gaelic dictionaries


On Avebury,Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Crop circles


Galleries of Ancient Britain


Celt Net: An online Celtic Community


Celtic Whispers: A realm of Myth Magic and Lore


Animal Symbolism in celtic mythology


Origins of the celts


All things celtic webring


Celtic and Renaissance links


Celtic Resources and references


Encyclopedia Mythica: Celtic mythology




The world of Celtic Art: A great site with loads of

celtic artwork


Public Domain pagan clipart: a great collection


Magickal Moon: all sorts including some great art


Celtic Web Art


Aon Celtic Art






Celtic music on the internet


Ceola's: home of celtic music on the internet


Celtic music and culture links



For links to Rhiannon orientated pages ...Scroll down


The Celt Within

The Celt within me has stirred,
Can now glimpse part of the long forgotten wyrd.
Back to the earth I turn,
To sit at her roots, attempting to relearn.

Revelling in the lores incredible wealth
Of knowledge passed down through the times.
Meditative moments opening up doors in my mind.
Tales brought down through word of mouth,
Finally make their way to my welcoming hearth.

Letting the past come to the fore,
So I can relive once more.

Celebrate the seasons as they pass,
To the hands of my loved ones I hold fast.
Honour my Ancestors as their due,
Ensuring I'm aware of everything I say and do.

Adhering to the natural laws,
Living in wonder at its raw force .
The pieces of the puzzle taking on it's visage.
Urging me to celebrate the richness of this heritage,
And The Celt within,
steps forward to take her rightful place ... CJA

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To all my BOTA supporters

I am afraid I can no longer

represent The House of Celts in the battle.

Thankyou all very much for your support

over the last year.


Every difficulty contains an opportunity. Albert Einstein




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Some day soon I will hopefully be able to find the time

to create a whole page devoted solely to Rhiannon.

I have been honoured indeed! A very talented artist

J.G.Galbreth has given me her version of Rhiannon

to show here! Isn't she incredible!


You can visit J.Galbreth and view her

extensive gallery at