Days Long Gone

When I look back to the days of old,

To the courts of power,

Where the Knights were bold,

And treasures were made up of chests of gold.


I reflect on how simple life was then,

Survival of the fittest.

Life often cut short by fate's different twists.


A sword in one hand,

Shield in the other.

Fights to the death,

Countrymen against each other.

Conspiracy's even between brother's.


Where magic was commonplace,

And the earth revered with true grace.

Existence eked out of minimal resources,

Mode of transport,

mainly horses.

Feasts abounded in the courts,

And peasants were hunted,

just for sport.


Treaties that eventually came to nought,

Land lost and gained through battles fought.

Marriages arranged without love,

Gods present, not in heavens above.


The season's celebrated in such harmony.

The birds many, and the animals roam free.

Lands wild and untamed.


Now only the mystery remains.

Only through the tales we gain,

An inkling of the wonders life then contained. CJA



The Messenger

The castle hallway loomed ahead,

Echoing loudly I hear my weary tread.

Cobwebs stretched across its arched domain,

Shadowed corners held their secrets in vein.

Holding my shoulder to help ease the pain,

Honestly expected to never get this far,

Surviving the journey through a land at war.


Drawing now on my last energy stores,

I make my way finally to the large double doors.

My fate waited within ...Dare I step in ?


No time to even reflect on what lay ahead,

Pushed forward by the guard,

I stumbled in, righting my demeanour fast,

slowly knelt before my Lord.


The news is not good Sire I'm afraid.

Nothing we do seems to stand in their way.

Each day they seem to cover more ground,

Encroaching upon our cities and towns.

Their forces aided by unearthly beings,

Who strike terror in the hearts of the men that face them.


Such destructive powers as never before seen.

Oh its horrible even picturing the scenes !!!

My liege listened to my tale of woe,

Then thanked me for my mission,

Bestowed on me a small smile,

Enough to set me aglow.


As I backed out of the door,

I could hear his voice roar,

The questions just started,

All due to the disturbing news I'd imparted.


Yet my task was achieved,Time now to seek release,

To be thankful that I was only me.

Reflect over a bottle of wine,

Memories of war springing to mind.

Enough of that,

time to find a place to rest and unwind.

Glad to be once more amongst people of my own kind.


For the story had been told,

The song been sung,

Time now to pass the onus,

Onto those fighters ever so bold.

No earthly being knows the outcome,

No-one knows what we will become.

Yet we stand fast,Fight as our ancestors past,

The numbers of our enemies vast.

Finding the strength to hold on,

Against all odds our freedom we won.


Now our liberty threatened anew,

Each member of the tribes now knew,

What was expected and freely given.

Unlike our foes who were unearthly driven.

Now I'll leave this tale to be finished,

When either it be us or our enemies are vanquished. CJA


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