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Rhiannon's Cyber Musings



Mind Games

When we were young,
How simple was life.
Days full of fun,
And getting into strife.

The games we played then, 
Come back to haunt me now and again.
Innocent children always survived,
Accidents and events that could have claimed lives.

As you get older, it gets more complex.
The time to have fun, becomes less and less.

When we were young, 
The games were all fun.

As we got older,
The mind games took over,
Especially when we brought a computer,
 And I was introduced to cyber. 

A whole new world,
Out there to explore.
Gleefully I whirled,
Excited as never before.

Vista's created before my eyes,
With the information highways,
I became alive.
I stumbled through the learning process,
With many a groan and a curse.
Once I'd gotten over my initial nerves,
I was hooked for better or worse.

When I got introduced to chat,
An addicted monster it begat.
Friends and enemies made at the drop of a hat,
Just learning the lingo and protocol was a bit of a knack.

When I delved a bit deeper,
My willpower became weaker.
I was drawn into another world,
And down the maelstrom I whirled.

The demons were unleashed,
I rode the back of the beast.
My soul set afire,
I whirled with desire.
Oh...what my mind would enquire...

When the games took over,
I quickly ran for  cover.
Removed myself from cyber.
Took a step back,
Got my life back on track,
Let real life set in again.

A hardened veteran now,
I venture out now and then.
But never again will I allow,
The games to take over my mind again.   CJA

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